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Our Story

One of our team members, Hongyan, has been a marketing officer for multinational companies for more than 7 years. Starting from 2020, she has been working with international companies and entrepreneurs as a freelancer to help them with their business in China. 


With years of in-house and freelancing working experiences, she deeply understands that for organizations and entrepreneurs running business in China, costs and service quality are always challenging. Hiring a specialized agency can be extremely costly despite its comprehensive services and promising results, but freelancers are often not an ideal option either in service offering and quality because of their limited time commitment, capability and skill sets even though the price per hour is worthy trying. 

In 2021, Hongyan and her friends established Cubos, and its mission is to help brands and entrepreneurs to grow their business in China by leveraging fully customized but flexible solutions and experience and knowledge of professionals .


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